Flashback: The Burberry Bag

The Burberry Bag
The Burberry Bag

It was pride week, 2005. My friend Francesco had excitedly told me about a Burberry bag he had purchased at the markets. He’d bought it for college, it was a bargain and far bigger than what he needed, as he normally took no more than a pen and paper. Being the un-fashion icon that I am I wasn’t exactly sure what Burberry was and to be honest I pictured something a bit simpler, but he was very excited about it.

I met with some friends in the city for an impromptu Monday night at UNSW for pride week, and Francesco arrived carrying his Burberry bag. I didn’t realise it was so big, and our friends must have thought the same, because the start of the night became a ‘bag out Francesco’s bag’ kind of night. It really was a monstrosity, particularly considering its main use was to hold a writing utensil and paper. The bag did come in handy that night, however, as we all had a place to put our jackets and scarves once the five of us, and Francesco’s outrageous bag arrived at our destination.

We kept to ourselves for the most part, having a shot as we arrived, and at some point during the Karaoke we decided to go to the balcony. It was at this point that the only handle on Francesco’s much-talked-about Burberry bag snapped due to the weight of the items it was carrying. It is very difficult to do this event justice in words but it became the highlight of my night.

Other highlights included jigging along to C’est la Vie by B*Witched and a yodelling drag show. Ahhhh to be 21 again!


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