I’m naked? I hadn’t even noticed

What did I order?

My recent trip to Japan was the first time I traveled somewhere without knowing the language and without a safety net such as a tour group to guide me. I prepared myself with a fair amount of research but at times a bit of pointing and guess-work was our only way forward. I ate meals without quite knowing their contents, and made a lot of assumptions.

My Japan trip was also the first time I delved into the world of public nudity. My first night in Tokyo in the communal showers of the capsule hotel was a mere taste, as I then spent two full days in Kinosaki Onsen, where nudity is part of the experience. Then on Naoshima Island, I ended my art gallery bike ride with a relaxing bath in the I Love Yu bath house, which was nicely decorated. My final nude experience in Japan was after an amazing day at Fuji-Q Highland. With a few hours to kill before my bus back to Tokyo, I visited the Spa and Sauna at the Highland Resort. Beautiful and relaxing baths  at Fujiyama Onsen to end a day of Guinness World Record winning rides.

I was a bit worried about the nudity leading up to my holiday, but once I was there it became second nature.

Daily Prompt: Beyond the Pale.


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