Origin: Wolf Creek

As much as I am apprehensive about iconic characters’ origin stories (Hannibal Rising a prime example), I am quite curious about the idea of a Mick Taylor origin book series.

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SM.com was lucky enough to grab an interview with writer Aaron Sterns, co-writer of WOLF CREEK 2 and author of ORIGIN: WOLF CREEK.

Sit back and relax and take a read about these two subjects and definitely go and check them out!

Marcey Papandrea: Hello Aaron, thanks for taking some time out to have a chat with me, it is much appreciated! Getting right into it, Wolf Creek 2 – the long awaited sequel to 2005’s horror hit. When did you get involved with the film?

AaronSternsAaron Sterns: Right at its inception. Greg McLean and I shared a writing office at the time he wrote the first Wolf Creek, and being the horror guy I gave my thoughts on the script (as reward, I had a little cameo in the movie as one of the nasty truckdrivers in the roadhouse). Once the film was released, Greg and I threw around…

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