A couple of thoughts on the HIMYM finale

Overall I liked the HIMYM ending more than I didn’t like it.


I didn’t like the reasoning behind the divorce (I felt this could have been Robin’s chance to actively choose work over love, a nod to an earlier episode where she chose the latter).
I didn’t enjoy Barney’s regression: did he never actually change, did his split with Robin cause him to fall a downward spiral, or was it just so we could throw in some old-style Barney jokes for a bit? It felt a bit like option 3 and I could have done without it. It also made me a bit sad that the only thing that changed him was becoming a father, something which Robin could never have offered him naturally.

I was sad that the Mother died, but I appreciated the ‘twist’ in the story. I feel that the ending was more of a ‘new beginning’ than an ending. This story ended with him and his children and a new one will begin that will include them in it. And Robin’s dogs.

One thing I found, which I’m not sure was on purpose or not, was that The Mother’s fate was exactly what Marshall would do to Lily whenever he fantasised about another woman! Do you remember that?

POP Psychology 101


Four days have passed since the ever-so-polarizing “How I Met Your Mother” finale aired and, truthfully, I’ve only just figured out how I feel about it all.

I’ve read countless articles on the subject. Why people loved it. Why people hated it. Why people thought that we, as the loyal viewers, were completely cheated by the fact that the entire series could have concluded with the pilot. I see where each person is coming from and I’ve read sentiments, which echo mine perfectly (one astute columnist stated what I had said myself – “The Mother can’t be dead because the kids wouldn’t look so bored!”).

63% of polled viewers said they hated the ending. That’s a whole lotta hatred aimed at a show that was always about love. True love. Elusive love. Painful love. Complicated love. Envy-inducing love (I’m looking at you Lily…

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