To Do, To Read, To Watch

my watchlist

To do, to read, to watch. These lists seem to be adding to my anxiety.

I felt a little bit better about my ‘to read‘ list after signing up to the winter reading challenge in the Aussie readers’ group I joined on Goodreads. I suppose the fact that I put a date to some of the books that I have had on my ‘to read’ list for a while helped a fair bit. I’m looking forward to the challenge, although the fact that winter is three months long (12 weeks) and there are 12 books involved in the challenge is a bit daunting. I will be starting soon, just as soon as I finish reading the last of Stephen King’s novellas in his Different Seasons compilation.

As far as my ‘to watch’ list is concerned, I will be making a dent in it in the coming weeks, with the recent release of Godzilla, and Aussie thriller The Babadook, which is receiving fantastic reviews. Following this, the Sydney Film Festival will provide me with at least 8 SFF experiences which I am very much looking forward to. I cannot wait to watch Tom at the Farm, which I have been hearing about for a while now. Director Xavier Dolan is making waves again with his latest film, Mommy, which I have now added to my ‘to watch’ list. I picked Dead Snow: Red vs. Dead and Stage Fright because my experiences watching films such as The Cabin in the Woods and Las Brujas de Zugarraurdi (Witching and Bitching in Australia) with a festival audience were extremely pleasant and I felt they really added to the film experience. Finally, my Almodovar chronological viewing is taking a bit of a break, but will be slowly plodding along over the next few months. I am enjoying it, and although sad that the Carmen Maura era is over, I have been assured that her return will be worthwhile.


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