Jurassic World

When I was a kid, you got to discover everything at once, it washed over you and blew your mind. Now it only takes one person to spoil it for everyone else.

Colin Trevorrow, director of a film I am incredibly excited about, Jurassic World, responds to the recent leaking of plot details.

I stopped reading the linked interview once it became apparent that some of the plot details were about to be discussed. I realised earlier this week that these snippets of information during the writing and filming of a movie, especially one in a franchise I feel so close to, is not the way I want to experience the movie.

I am happy knowing that it is being made and, from what I can tell, Jurassic World is in the hands of someone who is committed to creating something which will take me back to my first viewing of the original, and great, Jurassic Park.


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