No work and all travel makes Mario something something

I like my work and love the people I work with. And I don’t mind what I do, either. If I’d won yesterday’s Powerball though, I think my first instinct would be to disappear and go travelling indefinitely. I’d travel until I was homesick, then come home for a while to recharge the batteries before travelling some more.

I doubt I could carry on like that for the rest of my life, however. I suspect that sooner or later I’d need some grounding. I can’t imagine I would go back to doing the same job. I wouldn’t want to work full time, definitely not. So what would I do with my life? I think it leads back to something I’ve mentioned earlier, which is a lack of passion within. Maybe it was never there, but I think (hope?) that it was, and is no longer as a result of a tragedy within my family which occurred several years ago. Something so huge it extinguished a flame that I’m still trying to reignite.

If money was no object, I would travel. But I feel like I might be trying to escape something which I will inevitably have to face in due time.


2 thoughts on “No work and all travel makes Mario something something

  1. You’re lucky that you enjoy yoyr job. A lot of people don’t. I don’t think I could ever get bored if I won that money. I would travel too, but I am too much of a home boy to stay away too long.

    1. I get tired of living from suitcases! The most I’ve travelled in one go is four months, granted part of it was staying with family, but it was still quite draining. Last time I travelled for 6 weeks and that was plenty!

      If I had $35 million though, I think I’d enjoy travelling for a bit longer!

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