You’re gonna need a bigger key ring

I think I liked the idea of an article about terrible key changes in songs more than the article itself. The countdown style of the article insinuated that the key changes would get worse as you went along, but I didn’t feel that was the case at all.

I loved the cheesiness of the key change and have fond memories of reaching the bridge of a song, then hearing that short break down before shit hit the fan for the last few choruses. My favourites were the songs that managed to cram a second key change into its climax! Michael Jackson did that quite a bit and God bless him it was cheesier than a James Cameron box set.

Although I’ve never seen the show, I would always catch the theme song of Bold & the Beautiful on TV, a theme song containing no less than two key changes within the space of 30 seconds.

I’ve attached a key-change themed Spotify playlist in case you too would like to reminisce about this phenomenon.


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