on Gillian Anderson

‘Now people don’t ever want to talk to me about The X-Files. They only want to ask about Jamie Dornan.’

Gillian Anderson on her The Fall co-star

I love Gillian Anderson and have loved her work in television from the moment I first watched The X-Files one sleepless night. I followed her character’s journey through an invasive abduction, suffered with her during her cancer, enjoyed her short stint at motherhood with Emily and rejoiced after her miraculous pregnancy was revealed (although Mulder was missing at the time so it was bitter-sweet).

I’ve continued on my X-Files journey in comic book form, although I am behind at the moment. I love how they have managed to capture Gillian Anderson’s ‘Dana Scully’ character so well. It often feels like I am actually watching an episode in my mind sometimes.

The X-Files: Season 10 #1

I misplaced Gillian Anderson for a while once the television series ended, catching her only in the revenge flick Straightheads and years later the second X-Files film, then suddenly she was all over my TV screen in The Fall and then in Hannibal. (I caught the pilot of Crisis but didn’t really care for the story so left it there.)

Now she’s about to release supernatural thriller A Vision of Fire and I am both excited and nervous!


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