Perks of a same-sex relationship

A rainbow crossing in Fitzroy, Melbourne
A rainbow crossing in Fitzroy, Melbourne

Jerry: I’ll tell you what the big advantage of homosexuality is. If you’re going out with someone your size, right there you double your wardrobe.

Rachel: I suppose…

Jerry: Oh, come on, that’s a huge feature. When they approach a new recruit, I’m sure that’s one of the big selling points.

Seinfeld – ‘The Opposite

During our Japan trip late last year, my partner and I visited a number of onsens, even staying several days in an onsen town. The idea of being naked with strangers was a bit daunting at first. The public onsens were separated into male and female upon entry, which meant that where other couples would be split up, we could both enter the same onsen together. It was a nice little quirk that made the experience that much more special. By the end of my Japan trip I’d been naked in no less than 11 separate onsens, and was able to share each of those moments with my partner.

Upon further research, there are mixed-sex public onsens called konyoku, although they seem to be rare, and exist mainly in more rural areas. Optionally you may be able to use a private bath in your ryokan, which we also did.

Since Japan I have proudly lost over 15kg, and an interesting phenomenon has occurred. I donated piles of clothes and bought some new ones, but soon they, too, were too big. I found myself with a party to go to and no nice shirts to wear.

“Why don’t you try one of mine?” my partner asked me. As if they’d fit, I thought to myself. And most of them didn’t. But one of the shirts fit perfectly and I wore it to the party proudly. This was back in July, and since then I’ve lost a bit more weight, and can fit into more of his clothes. There’s even talk of a communal clothes drawer although this may require some ground rules before it can go ahead.


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