A couple of travel tips – part 1

This post is in response to a comment on a previous travel post. I apologise for taking so long!

When I visited Japan late last year there was a lot I wanted to see even though I would only be there for two weeks. My list was definitely more than two weeks’ worth of tourism and I began to set some items aside for next time. It’s a bit of a trap travelers can fall into and trying to fit in too much can lead to an unnecessarily stressful holiday.

1- Know when ‘To Do’ is too much.

I departed Japan with many things left undone on my ‘To Do’ list and that’s OK. I can have saké and a karaoke night next time I visit Japan. I will also visit the Ghibli Museum and actually enjoy it (I wanted to visit the museum because everybody recommended it but I hadn’t actually seen a Studio Ghibli film so it didn’t make a whole lot of sense to prioritise that particular sight).

Despite letting go of a couple of items from my list, I managed to fall into another trap with only a few days to go on my holiday. I’d slowly been buying gifts for my family and closest friends and ever so slowly the trip’s focus started to shift away from our enjoyment of the holiday and more towards making sure everyone was accounted for. During our last days in Tokyo we’d actually planned days around our gift-scouting.

Our enjoyment of Harajuku on a Sunday was disrupted by the constant walking in search of the perfect gifts.

We were so exhausted from walking during our last days that we’d return to the hotel without any energy or desire to enjoy a night out.

2- You don’t have to get gifts for everyone.

We spent two relaxing days in Kinosakionsen at the start of our Japan holiday but if I had to do it all again I would move this leg to the end of our holiday. The madness of our last days in Tokyo was paired with the fact that I was due back at work within days of our returning to Australia. What I wouldn’t give to have spent my last few days in Japan relaxing naked in sulphuric water.

3- Make sure the last few days of your holiday are relaxing.

These tips come specifically from my most recent holiday, but I’m sure there are more nuggets of information stored away in that messy filing cabinet that is my brain. If I think of any more tips I’ll be sure to create a sequel to this post.

via Tips on How To See The World | TALK ABOUT BEAUTY.


2 thoughts on “A couple of travel tips – part 1

  1. Great tips! The not buying gifts for everyone is a hard one to learn. It took me so long to learn this one! I still need to take your advice on relaxing the last few days of a trip because I usually need a vacation from my vacation! Ha!

    1. Oh yes, the gift tip is one that caught me out most recently, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to take my own advice just like that! The relaxation tip is definitely easier to manage! Thanks for the comment 😉

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