A year since I last used my passport

Today is the 12th of November, 2014 which marks exactly one year since we boarded a flight to Tokyo for two incredible weeks. Since then I’ve had both feet firmly planted on Australian soil with only a very brief visit to Canberra, a relaxing Oberon getaway in a cosy chalet and a long (and delicious) weekend Melbourne trip to break up the day-to-day. In hindsight that does seem like an awful lot of getaways, but is it ever enough?

I love to travel and am always in varying stages of planning new adventures. I’ve also been binging on episodes of The Amazing Race. The latest season of the Australian series recently ended, the US series is under way and we just watched seasons 3 and 5 of the Latinoamerica series before beginning the current season which focuses on Ecuador, a country whose borders I am yet to cross into.

I have no less than three trips in the mix for the immediate future, each at different stages of planning. I expect one of them to be a more relaxing affair than anything else; it revolves around a family event so besides the hotel and flights there is not much I have had to organise. Another might see me spending my 31st birthday interstate and surrounded by cheese, or mountains, or both. The third is at the very early, almost theoretical stages of planning, but it is also the furthest away as far as time is concerned, so I am not too worried. I have managed to return to Chile every three years since 2003, so with 2015 in view I have my sights set on my pending return. This will likely be the biggest trip of the three, and we are refining our ‘To Visit’ list to include a few destinations we have seen in past seasons of The Amazing Race, as well as our own research.

I love having these trips to look forward to, but I also love reminiscing about my past trips. I often launch Picasa and scroll through my photos. Every so often I remember a story, and I also try and use this blog to re-live these experiences. I wish I could get my mind in order and write about them more often, or at least more consistently, but I haven’t worked out how to do that just yet. Lots of my travel blogs have been left unfinished and after a few months ( — who am I kidding? After a few weeks) my memories turn to mush.

Finally, as I look back at a year without using my passport I look even further back to another memorable milestone in my life, which I will be celebrating later this month.



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