Neon nights in Hong Kong

Hong Kong lights

Way back in 2006, long before Japan was even a blip on my radar I traveled to Hong Kong for three days to end my second international holiday.

The trip itself took me to South America, England and France first, and consisted of a combination of solo travel, a month of family commitments, a two week tour and five weeks staying with friends who were living abroad. This added up to approximately three months.

I stayed in a nice hotel called Silvermine Beach Hotel on Lantau Island, which meant that I had to catch a ferry to Hong Kong Island each day (see below), eating a bit into my already short visit. I think it was worth it though. It was incredibly humid (I visited in mid-June) and although not centrally located the hotel and its beachy surroundings made my last days very relaxing.

I stayed on Lantau Island for a couple of reasons:

  • It was the on the same island as the airport. This made sense to me at the time, though most everything else was on Hong Kong or Kowloon island.
  • I loved the idea of staying near a nice, relaxing beach. Well, what do you know? I was taking my third travel tip years before I even thought of it!
  • I was on the same island as Disneyland. I really wanted to visit Disneyland Hong Kong, and was eagerly saving it for my last day. Unfortunately mother nature had other ideas and my plans were washed out. I ended up having a nice day regardless, wandering Kowloon and doing a bit of shopping.

Hopping off the ferry at Hong Kong Island on my second day, I got a bit of vertigo as my eyes slowly made their way up the Two International Finance Centre. I can’t believe that since my visit in 2006 an even taller skyscraper has been erected! I wanted to go up, assuming there was a public viewing level or something, but the guy I asked wasn’t too helpful.

I walked for the entire day, losing my bearings on numerous occasions. I rode on a giant travelator, and caught a tram to The Peak, which provided some amazing views of the skyscrapers below. Later, as it got dark, I took a photo trying to capture the overwhelming neon signs that overlooked the streets of Hong Kong. After watching the incredible Symphony of Lights show, then losing and then finding my bearings one last time, I boarded the ferry back to Lantau.

My mp3 player ran out of batteries on the ferry, which proved to be a good thing as a fellow traveler struck up a conversation about seeing the world, and how we tend to ignore what’s in our own backyard. We spoke about how small the world is only to then bump into each other later that night at the convenience store.

I am trying to get to know what’s in my backyard a bit more. Some places in Australia can get quite expensive, but there is a lot of beauty here and a lot of it’s only a stone’s throw away.

Photography 101: Street


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