Leave approval

I got to hold a sloth

Since I became a full-time employee six years ago I’ve had to substantially tone down the length of my international holidays.

My first trip back to Chile was for four months in late 2003, and the follow-up was a three-month South American & European holiday in mid 2006 which included my first trip to Peru. I flew to China for a two-week mini vacation at the end of 2007 during my short college Christmas break, spending New Year’s Eve on an overnight train to Beijing, and that was followed by a three-month North (Hawaii), Central (Cancun) and South (all over) American holiday in late 2008 where I clocked up hours and hours on buses traveling from northern Peru all the way down to Santiago, Chile and then across to Buenos Aires.

By mid 2009 I had become a full-time employee, so my next holiday, a European adventure in late 2010, was only six weeks long, and included highlights such as experiencing Krampus in Salzburg and getting stranded in Paris. Another six-week holiday in 2012 involved going to mainland US and eating a Reuben at Katz Deli, and then returning to South America for my first winter experience of my homeland in over twenty years (so cold!). I also got to hold a sloth (!!!!!!!!!!!!).

At the end of 2013 I went on my most recent overseas trip, this time to Japan for what was an incredible two weeks. Since then I’ve had my feet firmly planted on Australian soil (with one exception), limiting my travel to the annual Melbourne trip and a recent Tasmania holiday for my birthday.

Because of my line of work it’s difficult to take too much time off at once as you are part of a team and there is only one other full-timer that shares my role. As I tend to work weekends, however, I end up accumulating more annual leave than the 9-5ers, so when my boss emailed me to tell me that I had accumulated too much and needed to take some time off I jumped at the opportunity to start planning another holiday. I filled out a couple of leave forms shortly after and yesterday they were both approved!

I’m still working out the details and will be for some time (it’s half the fun), but the trip is based around an event so it will be a bit of a challenge. One I gladly accept!


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