Sounds like Travel

We must have spent at least a couple of hours in various UNIQLO stores during our Japan holiday. They had really nice clothes at decent prices, and the bigger store also carried other stock as well. We even ended up returning to the store near our hotel in Shinjuku on our final day to purchase gifts for the last few people on our list. This one was a pairing of UNIQLO and BIC Camera called BICQLO and it was enormous.

It was our last day and we were exhausted. We’d walked for hours on end for the past few days, including an entire Sunday out at Harajuku looking for gifts and walking through Yoyogi Park, a massive, gorgeous park near the train station. We only had a couple of gifts left to purchase and our flight back home didn’t leave until the evening.

I’m quite indecisive on my best days and I’d already explored the BICQLO store extensively, which means that I’d already had a fair amount of exposure to their jingle, which plays on repeat over the store’s speakers.

I don’t remember how long I was in there on my last day, but it took a while to get that jingle out of my head. I am pretty sure it is locked in one of the reasonably accessible filing cabinets in my mind, ready to return at the mere suggestion of a trigger (such as writing this post).

Sometimes you remember a visual, like the beautiful rainbow I saw during a horrible day, but sometimes it is the aural experience that you remember. There was a staff member in the Fiji resort I stayed in recently, who had a very distinct way of saying hello. It was his way of entertaining the children and families, and even now, months later, I can still remember it. In fact, when the group got together to look at some of the holiday photos and videos, we reminisced about this man whose name was Ace, and tried to replicate his greeting.

On another occasion, as yet unaware that we were stranded in Paris, our bullet train from Geneva arrived at Gare du Nord and we queued up at the information counter to find out what was going on with our connecting bullet train. Once again I am unsure how long we were there for but every once in a while as we ran through the terminal, as we queued up, as we tried to make sense of out situation, we would hear a jingle which always preceded an announcement. We heard it so many times that I solely associate it with that Paris trip.

I’m certain that there are many other aural experiences stored away in the vaults of my mind. I was lucky enough to be able to find two recent examples on Youtube. I will try to pay more attention next time I travel, and maybe even buy a recording device so that I can capture one for myself.


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