Binalong day

We were only able to enjoy one full day in Launceston due to the way we had planned our ten days in Tasmania. Our second day would be our Binalong Bay day, though the weather forecast did not look promising.

Binalong Bay lies on the east coast of Tasmania and marks the southernmost point of The Bay of Fires.

2. The Bay of Fires

We left Launceston reasonably early, though we tend not to push the early starts whilst on holidays, which is one reason why we didn’t go to the Tokyo fish markets during our Japan trip to see the giant tunas at 3am. The idea was to get to Binalong Bay by lunch time, but we were open to any opportunities that arose during the drive.

The weather during our drive went from cloudy to rainy to promising. Rinse and repeat. One thing we did begin to notice on the drive: there were lots of people driving Micras around Tasmania that summer. There were also lots of rental vehicles. We could tell because of the barcode stickers on the cars themselves.

When the time came I used my phone to locate a nice restaurant for our lunch. We decided on The Blue Shed, a highly rated seafood restaurant in St Helens, 12km south of Binalong Bay. The restaurant was situated right by the water, so we were able to enjoy our respective meals with a beautiful view.The rain had stopped by then. I had a delicious crumbed ocean trout.

We continued on our drive until we saw the statue welcoming us to Binalong Bay, then spent the next hour or so climbing orange rocks and walking barefoot on white sand that stretched for miles. It really was beautiful and I wish we’d had more time there to explore a bit further north, and perhaps even add a bit of a snorkel to our day.

We stopped twice on the way home: the second and most important place was a store in Avoca that sold homemade ice cream! It was called Cow Shed and the store itself was painted in the traditional white with black splodges that symbolise the dairy cow, and it was very welcoming, despite the unnecessary apostrophes in the signage.

We drove back to Launceston content with our day as well as our little discovery on the way back.


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