Another slice of New York

I have plenty of regrets when it comes to my time spent in New York City in 2012. Regardless, even a well-researched five days would not have begun to scratch the surface as far as what there was to see and do. A few of my highlights included:

Having a reuben at Katz Deli,

which is famous for featuring in a film that I admit I have not seen (besides that scene). The guy who served me was a bit rude but my reuben was the best I’ve had. This wasn’t on the agenda but we came across it as we got to know our neighbourhood.

Visiting the restaurant from Seinfeld,

though I was disappointed that the Big Salad wasn’t on the menu. The interior looked nothing like in the show, which I think I already knew would be the case, but I was hoping something on the menu might give the show a little nod.

Opting to stay in a loft apartment

near Chinatown instead of a hotel (God bless Airbnb). In some places I think it is worthwhile considering to do this, but in others it can actually be detrimental to your holiday. In LA on this same trip we also stayed in a place through Airbnb but the suburb was not central at all, and we ended up having to take taxis everywhere because most of our tours started from the hotel district.

Seeing New York from the Top of The Rock

was something a few people had recommended. Their justification was “if you climb to the top of the Empire State Building you cannot see the Empire State Building in your skyline.” This made sense to me and my travel buddies so we went with it. Maybe next time I will go to the top of the Empire State Building to compare my experiences.

Going to a Broadway show

was something we really wanted to do, although choosing one was incredibly difficult. We decided on Spiderman: Turn off the Dark. I very much doubted something of this magnitude would make its way to Australia, and we all agreed it would be quite an experience. We weren’t disappointed. The production’s problems had been international news when the show was originally in the works, so we knew a little bit about it beforehand.

Bob and I wanted to watch a second show and had narrowed it down to the more traditional Evita, and Sister Act. In the end it was the Ricky-Martin-factor that won us over (sorry Raven Symone) and we bought tickets to Evita. After a crazy day running around, we were late for the start of the musical and had to wait for the first number to be over before being allowed in. I was exhausted and dozed off a number of times throughout. We got to see Ricky Martin at the end and took a couple of photos. Some of the other cast members came out too and it was only later that I realised that Juan Peron had been played by Michael Cerveris, who played the role of the Observer September on one of my favourite TV shows Fringe. 

Visiting Central Park,

although we spent most of our time walking around trying to find a restroom. I really wanted to see the John Lennon memorial but I hadn’t done my research and I’m pretty sure we were in the entirely wrong part of the park to find it.

Catching the Staten Island Ferry to see the Statue of Liberty

was something everybody recommended we do. At the time of our visit the actual statue was undergoing renovations, so visiting the island and going up was not an option. As our time in NYC was also limited, catching the Staten Island Ferry there and back seemed like a great way to see the Statue, as well as getting a nice view of the financial district.

This leads me to my belated Weekly Photo Challenge entry. The photo below was taken as we waited for the ferry itself. I think it is similar to one of my favourite photos with regards to the silhouette style.

Waiting for the Staten Island Ferry as the Statue of Liberty stands in the background
Waiting for the Staten Island Ferry as the Statue of Liberty stands in the background

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Grid.”

2 thoughts on “Another slice of New York

  1. I miss New York City. The big, screaming lights of Times Square tell you a thousand stories; and then you head downtown and you know exactly who you are. In New York, I’m always going somewhere, meeting someone, leaving someone. I wanna go back, but New York carries on.
    I remember the sound of sirens, the smell of the coffee and the weird, crazy magic that only New York provides, and I hope and pray I’ll be going back soon.

    1. Agreed, I was only there for under a week but I am eager for another visit next time I travel that way. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

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