Getting to Taipei

Leaving on a jet plane

I’ve been back from my holiday for over two weeks now and have not written a single word aside from the odd Facebook post and Instagram photo description. Normally I’d start writing a travel blog only to get lazy and stop before the end but this time I didn’t even start. A new height of laziness on my part.

We began our holiday with a bit of controversy, as a delayed flight caused us to miss our connecting flight, something which is now (hopefully) being dealt with by our travel insurance people. It is the first time in thirteen years of international travel that I have had to make a claim, which is not bad as far as I’m concerned.

During the first flight to Hong Kong I got my Oscars fix, watching The Martian and Room, both great films!

We thought we could still make our connecting flight as we arrived in Hong Kong, but after having to go through Customs, and then catch a train(!!!) to get to our luggage, we began to lose hope. We got to the check in desk and our fears were confirmed.

After sorting out another flight to Taipei, we spent half a dozen hours in Hong Kong airport, walking around for one of them with our dinner trays, trying to find a seat at which to eat. It was only after we found one and sat down that we worked out the exchange rate and realised we’d purchased a really expensive airport dinner.

Our expensive Hong Kong airport dinner

The second flight was event-free, but by then we were both eager to get to our destination as it was quite late. My partner had created a meticulous document that described in detail how to get between hotels or train stations and airports for the entirety of our trip, so once we’d arrived and gone through Customs we were only a bus trip and taxi drive away from our hotel. The taxi component was a late addition, as he’d calculated that by the time we had arrived in Taipei the metro would have shut down for the night.

We checked into Cho Hotel, a very cute and cosy hotel in Taipei’s Ximending district. The hotel was very welcoming despite our late arrival. We were provided with breakfast coupons which could be used at a variety of nearby eateries. These were handed to us inside a cardboard envelope which contained, among other things, a blank puzzle piece. As we called the elevator, we noticed puzzle pieces all over the walls that had been decorated by previous guests.

‘Greetings from Down Under’. Our puzzle piece

The room was not as small as we were expecting after having read some reviews, and would not be the smallest room of the trip, as it turned out. The shower was separated from the main room by a glass wall, something which was common to most of our rooms on this trip. The walls were decorated with artworks and there were little complimentary chocolates. It was as if they knew me.

After letting our families know we’d arrived safely we decided to call it a day.


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