Lazy blogger

I’ve never finished writing about a holiday. I don’t know what it is, but I get to a point (sometimes much sooner than others) where I just stop writing and never get back to it. I don’t know if I’d blame laziness exactly, despite the title of this post, but I think I overwhelm myself by trying to write in as much details as possible every day.

I’ve tried using Daily Post’s weekly photo challenges, finding a way to link them to a photograph from one of my past trips and making my way from there, and that’s worked quite a few times. It’s much easier to display a single photo and write a few words about it, than it is to recount entire days worth of events.

I apologise if you’ve read one of my posts and looked forward to a follow-up post which never came. I hope to do better in 2017.

Sydney CBD and Harbour Bridge, as seen from the Sydney Opera House

I’m currently in the process of backing up all my photos to Google Photos, and every once in a while it sends me an ‘On This Day’ reminder, which I really enjoy, because it provides me with an opportunity to look back on old memories that might otherwise remain dormant in the Cloud. Another feature of Google Photos is that you can search for particular things. For example, the latest Daily Post photo challenge is about new horizons. As such, I typed ‘horizon’ into Google Photos’ search bar which gave me hundreds of examples, dating as far back as 2003, which is around the time I first started taking digital photos.

I selected the above photo, a panorama of Sydney that my Xperia Z3 stitched up. It was taken on September 10 of this year, so I typed ‘September 10’ into the search bar and Mr. Google showed me all the photos I had taken that day, giving me a bit more context surrounding the day I took that photo.

I had the day off from work and was very keen to check out the new Gateway food court, located at Circular Quay. Having worked near Circular Quay for years, I was always annoyed at the lack of diversity as far as food was concerned. Being such an important part of Sydney’s tourism, Circular Quay didn’t offer very much in the way of food, particularly on weekends. Sure enough, when my work moved to another location last May, Gateway shut down and began its renovations. This year it reopened, and according to their website it is where you go to “Experience The Art of Eating”. I was very impressed and have been there a number of time with friends.

After lunch, Bob and I walked to the Sydney Opera House, where we took a few photos before making our way to Sydney’s Royal Botanic Gardens, which I hadn’t visited in quite a while. It was a gorgeous day in Sydney.


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