Feeding the pelicans

There is a daily pelican feeding show at around 3.30pm every day at a small ampitheatre in The Entrance, located around 2 hours north of Sydney.

I visited nearby Terrigal recently with my partner’s family. We rented a lovely house on Airbnb that had a pool AND pool table, and a balcony with some nice views. There were volleball tournaments, as well as walking-on-pool-noodle races, and we had regular visits from rainbow lorikeets, a Kookaburra and another, less trusting kingfisher. We also visited The Entrance for a day.

After walking through some markets in Memorial Park, some of the children had their very first horse ride. After an OK lunch at a restaurant overlooking the water, some of the group made their way to the pelican feeding area to claim a spot for the group. The remainder took the children to a little fair, set up right next to the restaurant. There was a giant jumping castle with a slide for the bigger children, and other rides more suitable for my younger Goddaughter.

We re-joined the other group with plenty of time before the start of the show. The crowds begin to build even an hour before the actual show’s start time, so it’s worth getting in early if you want to be closer. I should add, that at the start of the pelican feeding there were eleven of us watching the show. As the children and some of the adults began to realise the size of the creature that is the pelican, they became restless. Soon enough, eleven became eight, six, and finally there were only three of us left, the rest enjoying the show from afar.

The reactions from some of the spectators when the pelicans invade their personal space is reason enough to experience a pelican feeding for yourself. It is really quite special to see the pelicans up close in this kind of environment. The staff involved are very knowledgable, and make the feeding quite an enjoyable experience.




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