Food and family

I hadn’t baked this cake in ages. Mum asked me to take a dessert for Christmas Eve dinner and I thought I’d bake a simple flourless chocolate cake whose recipe I found online a few years ago.

I checked on it when it had been in the oven for 20 minutes and I thought it still had a little while to go. Five minutes later I checked it again and I immediately wished I’d taken it out the first time I opened the oven. It was still fudgy, which is one of the cake’s charms, but not very photogenic. I think the mascarpone and decorations  helped a little.

My Christmas festivities began on December 23rd this year. Everybody took something into work and we had a mini feast at tea o’clock. There was panettone, crackers and dips, lots of sweets and some festive shortbreads.

The first Christmas dinner was later that evening with my partner’s family, and consisted of beef ribs, chorizo and salads, followed by what the Internet seems to call a White Elephant Gift Exchange. I think it is a very fun way to exchange gifts, and fortunately my gift was a success! We ended the night with hot chocolate and panettone.

Dinner with my family was on the 24th. Dad gave me a red envelope with money in it and told me he was my Secret Santa hours before we’d even had dinner. I’m still annoyed by this, even twenty-four hours later. Mum went all out for dinner, making lasagne, roast beef, chicken, salads and a potato frittata. Mum also made mil hojas, so of course almost everybody had a slice of each for dessert. Secret Santa gifts were exchanged, and the rules were discussed at length. I was of the opinion that Secret Santas should remain secret, but I was overruled and forced to disclose the identity of the recipient of my gift.

Overall I had a nice Christmas and got to share it with both of our families, which was a bonus, considering we generally celebrate it on the same day so we are often apart for the dinner. I’m looking forward to a few more days off from work before returning briefly leading up to New Year’s Eve.

I am, however, left with one final Christmas Conundrum. My Secret Santa disregarded my wish list and gave me money instead. Should I buy something from my wish list?




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