A year of possibilities

When a new year begins, the possibilities are infinite. There are twelve entire months to look forward to. In the southern hemisphere we begin the year a third of the way through Summer. There are beach trips to look forward to, and so many ways to take advantage of the beautiful Summer days.

Shelly Beach
Shelly Beach, Manly

I’ve already visited one new beach that I am pretty sure I hadn’t been to before, though I had seen it from a distance. It was a lovely day (there have been plenty thus far in Sydney this Summer) and even the hour-long drive there was pleasant, though it did result in an awkward t-shirt tan for me. That’s one part of the Summer that I just can’t seem to get right.

We’ve already got our first road-trip for the year lined up, and it’s actually quite soon. I’ve also applied for a month of annual leave later this year, without even having worked out what I will do. A whole month!

View from the Shelly Beach carpark, Manly

In a few weeks we will have a visitor in Sydney. She will be here for two weeks but I was unable to secure annual leave for that time. I will have to try and work around my RDO’s, as well as a fortunately placed public holiday, in order to spend as much time with her as possible.

View from Luna Park, Sydney

I’m curious to see what this year has to offer as far as travel goes. Will I leave my island home this year? I sure hope so, but even if I don’t, there is so much to see in Australia that it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. (I hope I do though.)



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