City of Sydney: ten photos

Sydney Opera House

One of my cousins has been living in Australia for over two years, however for two years she has been calling Melbourne home, so it has been difficult to keep up with her. As her time in the country grows closer to an end, she has come to Sydney for a visit. Though we picked her up from the airport, she arrived quite late at night so we agreed to meet up again in the city in the morning for a brisk walk around the city.

The following morning I crossed Darling Harbour as I made my way to the train station to meet her. I was right on time, but had a moment to take a quick snap as I walked past. Works were underway to remove the remainder of a temporary floating pavilion that has been in the harbour since the old convention centre was torn down. There is also a big screen in the centre that has been showing the Australian Open.

Sydney Opera House

Our first stop was Circular Quay. If you squint you can see a giant, colourful rooster in front of the Sydney Opera House in the photo above. Our city is currently preparing to welcome in the Lunar New Year.

We spotted two more Lunar New Year figures as we walked past the Overseas Passenger Terminal. I was hoping to find the Rat, which represents the year I was born, but had no such luck. I plan to pay the city another visit once I know where the other zodiac animals are hiding.

As we passed Campbell’s Cove jetty I was impressed by the size of the cruise liner anchored in the Quay. There were many excited passengers boarding as we walked past the OPT. I’ve been curious about cruises for a while, but I feel like I would need to start with a small one. The last thing I need is to realise that they aren’t for me five minutes into a twelve-day cruise. And this has nothing to do with the fact I just finished re-watching 1972’s The Poseidon Adventure.


We reached Dawes Point, and we stopped to look as dozens of excited figures scaled the Sydney Harbour Bridge. I haven’t done BridgeClimb  yet, but it looks like quite a ride. Years ago I did SKYWALK, which consists of a 45-minute tour walking around the outside of Sydney Tower. So I guess you could call me Mario Skywalker. We continued on Hickson Road.

There is a sculpture of a car that has been smashed by a giant boulder at Walsh Bay, in the middle of a round-a-bout. Its name is Still Life with Stone and Car and it was created by an American sculptor called Jimmie Durham. There are lots of restaurants and bars around here, but I haven’t been to any yet. I had my work Christmas party at one of these piers a few years ago. It was really good, with an awesome view.


As we reached Millers Point we realise that we were quite hungry. I took a couple more snaps on my camera, and we walked towards Barangaroo reserve, which is one of Sydney’s newest attractions. I didn’t take a photo there, at least not this time around. As the link between Barangaroo Reserve and The Streets of Barangaroo are still under construction, we took a couple of detours before arriving at the latter.

My food experiences at Barangaroo are limited. I have been to Ume Burger which was quite nice, especially their umami fries, and Belle’s Hot Chicken, which left me in need of a moist towelette. I’ve also been to the food court, which has plenty of lunch options. I’ve been trying to read more blogs lately, and food blogger Isaac’s recent visit to Devon Cafe at Barangaroo really caught my eye. I’m with Isaac when he says he’d happily have Breakfast with the Sakumas every morning. The salmon was perfect, and the eel croquette was so tasty. Yum!

My cousin and I were already set on what we wanted for dessert, so off we went to The Star casino. I tried Gojima’s green tea ice cream and was absolutely blown away. It’s not for everyone, however, as when my cousin tried it her face became all warped as if she had eaten a lemon. She had a safer raspberry sorbet from Messina. All in all it was a fantastic day out, ending with a deep and meaningful in The Star’s food court.

Bonus: I know I’ve met my promised quota of ten photos, but when I went to Mum’s for dinner that evening she had the biggest mango I ever did see in her kitchen. What on Earth!

You call that a mango? This is a mango.


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    1. You’re welcome. I love this city so much, and it is rapidly changing with always somewhere new to explore.

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