Scooting off to Singapore

We decided to fly Scoot to and from Singapore. They had very competitively priced tickets but other than that I hadn’t heard too much about them.

Our flight to Singapore was due to leave at 8:45PM AET, so we had most of the day to finishing packing. We opted for the FlyBagEat package, meaning that we would get a meal, drink and snack during the flight, and we could check in a 20kg bag.

Our Scoot plane, ready for boarding
Our Scoot plane, ready for boarding

The seats were in a 3-3-3 configuration, so we decided to sit in the middle. Despite not being able to see the windows clearly, it meant that nobody would be walking over us to use the bathroom during the eight-hour flight.

As it was an overnight flight, we’d purchased eye masks and inflatable air cushions, and in hindsight, that was the best decision to make. I actually bought mine at our local Daiso for $2.80 a piece. Not bad. I had a bunch of podcasts loaded on my phone as well as some music, and The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger on paperback, which I intended to read before the new film comes out.

The flight itself was uneventful. Apart from a bit of difficulty unwrapping our dinners — you can’t just peel the plastic cover off because it rips, so you have to stab it with your utensil and peel it from the inside out — I had no issues. The plane itself seemed quite modern. Instead of shades on the windows, there appeared to be dimmers, but as we picked seats in the middle we did not get to see them up close.

We arrived at Changi Airport at 3.20AM. We’d debated the best way to go about this little snag. We could hang out at the airport’s exit until the public transport started up for the day, then leave our bags at the hotel and wander around until check-in time. We could stay in the actual airport (everybody knows Changi Airport is supposed to be amazing!), but our bags would be in the carousel by themselves and that was risky. Or we could catch a shuttle bus and pay for an extra night at our hotel. In the end we went with the final option. It meant we could check in to our hotel immediately, and sleep for a few hours before enjoying our first full day in Singapore.

We checked in to the lovely Hotel Boss, where we stayed for the majority of our visit. The hotel has quite a grand lobby which, during the day, is jam-packed with dozens of guests from around the world. At 4AM, however, there aren’t too many people around. After letting our families know we had arrived, we slept for a few hours, and when we woke up, I pulled the curtains back and admired the view from our hotel room. Our first day in Singapore was just beginning.

The view from our hotel room window in Singapore
The view from our hotel room window in Singapore

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