Tour of Taipei

Taipei streets
Taipei streets

I’ve been reminiscing about my visit to Taiwan two years ago. I’d previously written about getting to Taipei, but not much more than that. It really was a wonderful few days, with our friend showing us around Taipei and nearby Jiufen.

On our first full day in Taipei, we met up with our friend after our bakery breakfast using the breakfast vouchers Cho Hotel provides its guests.

Taiwan with a tour guide makes such a difference. How else were we to know there was a tasty beef noodle place just down the road from our hotel? We even ordered outside, whilst we were waiting around for our turn to enter the restaurant. We walked around the Ximending neighbourhood and admired the street art which was abundant. Every once in a while we would stop for a little snack. Some Taiwanese rice sausage. Deep fried rice balls with a sweet peanut powder. A sweet soup.

In comparison, on our first evening in Taipei we caught the train to Tamsui where the two of us, sans our friend, fumbled our way through a food market and ate Japanese octopus balls (which were tasty, but not the local cuisine we were after), and then, once we had given up, MOS Burger (Japanese fast food chain) came to the rescue. Our Taipei expert could have come in handy then. Or alternatively, a bit more research.

We walked through a lively Lunar New Year market on Dihua Street in Taipei, and encountered some sort of activity beside a temple where women were praying to find love. It seemed like their (romantic?) fortune was told to them based on numbers you rolled on two dice. The lady we watched rolled a 6 and 4 (total: 10) and she seemed pretty happy about it. We then walked through a fabric market, which was so large that we got lost for a while.

We walked towards the water and as dusk came we saw hundreds of people driving through the streets in their scooters.

As I was editing the Japan video series from my first trip there, which I have since uploaded to Youtube, I couldn’t wait to start looking at videos from my other trips. I was very happy with my footage from my Taiwan trip. I edited together my favourite clips from my time in Taipei, and present them to you below. Enjoy!

NB. I know this challenge was about my own city, but I’ve done something similar to this in the past with my posts My Sydney as well as City of Sydney: ten photos, so I thought this post worked as a kind of reversal.

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